Here are a few comforting Japanese dining styles we offer at Shabu-Tatsu.
All of them are considered a fun and engaging way to be social and enjoy great food and flavor with friends and family.





is a comforting Japanese hotpot meal. Thinly sliced quality meat and fresh vegetables are gently swished and cooked in seconds in our housemade broth bubbling in the middle of your table. The name is inspired by the sound your ingredients make as they swim in your broth, "shabu-shabu." After cooking in broth, they take a quick dip into our homemade sauce.




is a slow-simmering, sweet, smooth, and silky mix of fresh meats and vegetables, all cooked at your table in a shallow iron pot. The marinade is a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, and mirin rice vinegar.
The ingredients caramelize and bathe in the mixture, then are usually dipped in a small bowl of raw egg.




is a Japanese style BBQ that means "grilled meat." You start with plates of raw meat, seafood, and vegetables, grill it yourself table side, then dip in homemade sauces called "tare."


Nabemono Hot Pot


is Japanese hot pot simmered with seasoned broth. It is light in flavor but a hearty pot of fresh ingredients, cooked all-in-one like a "one pot dish." The pots are usually placed in the center of dining tables and are shared by multiple people.




First We Feast




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