Kind words and reviews:

At Shabu Tatsu, mama and me are like the sous-chefs. I’m always surprised by how good we are!
— Kalamata's Kitchen
Join the neighborhood regulars—and demonstrate your chef skills. Gathering around bubbling hot pots and grills built into smooth wooden booths is as much a social event as a meal.
— Time Out New York
Step 1: Round up several hungry friends.
Step 2: Spend a couple hours hanging out and DIY-ing your dinner around a steaming, bubbling pot of yummy Japanese broth.
Step 3: Congratulate self on an evening well spent.
— Buzzfeed Food
The restaurant serves paper-thin cuts of prime rib and marbled wagyu, making Shabu-Tatsu the perfect destination for sizzling meat dunked in umami-packed dipping sauces.
— First We Feast
As the beef cooks, the water becomes a broth-like brew, infusing the whole affair with a savory rush of flavors and aromas.
— Andy Bailey for New York Mag